Welcome to GMSA-KNUST

The loving 💚 Community of Muslim students on KNUST Campus

Who are We?

GMSA-KNUST, a vibrant and inclusive community representing all Muslim students at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology - your home away from home, fostering unity, brotherhood and a supportive environment for personal and spiritual growth.

Our Purpose?

Our purpose is to promote Islamic awareness and provide a nurturing environment that supports the holistic development of our members at KNUST.

What Do We Do?

We ignite personal growth, foster leadership development, and enhance skills through diverse programs and activities, while also making a positive impact on the community through philanthropic endeavors and outreach programs towards the spread of Islam.

Upcoming Events

ladies wing picnic

May 28th 2023

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orphange visitation

June 10th 2023

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fire safety workshop

July 23rd 2023

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